Top 5 most common causes of cracked windshield

This is one part of the vehicle that goes unnoticed or unappreciated until damage is noticed. The windshield protects the driver and the users of the vehicle and it is very important. Sometimes cracks can appear on your windshield and you have no idea how they got there and it can be very annoying and frustrating sometimes especially when it becomes recurring. Here are some of the top 5 most common causes of cracked windshield

1. High temperature 

You probably wouldn’t have guessed this. You enter your car and you find it so hot, but well, it’s a non-living thing and does feel anything. Unfortunately, the glass feels something. From elementary science and an increase in temperature leads to an increase in pressure and this pressure has to be released and what’s the weakest part of the car interior? Yeah, you got it right, the glass. If you don’t do something about the high temperature of your car, you might end up with a shattered glass someday. So the first cause of cracks or chips is a high temperature 

2. Stones and debris

Sometimes you are on the high way and driving at high speed and the car right in front of you shoots you a stone from behind, it would not get to you if course but it would affect your windshield. Maybe a crack, maybe a chip or maybe nothing noticeable at first. This is another major cause of a cracked or chipped windshield. To avoid this, you need to not stay too close to a vehicle which is at high speed, because you don’t know the moment when this will happen. Sometimes the movement on the high way will be so fast, nobody takes notice of anything until the chop grows bigger. This is a major cause of cracked or broken windshields. 

3. Sometimes your car windshield quality is just too bad

Yeah, there is this too. You can be using a new windshield you purchased and just to get something cheap or something affordable you buy this you sacrifice quality. Small cracks will turn into large cracks over time and faster than you expect and you might end up spending more than what a good glass actually cost. Make sure you buy your windshield from a trustworthy brand so you won’t regret it. 

4. Loose installation 

If your car windshield is not installed correctly, it might end up cracking for nothing at all. It might end up cracking just because you drove. As you drive, you hit bumps and the crack vibrates violently, this is affecting the windshield because it is not installed well and it takes all these impacts. You don’t know all this so you are your windshield cracked out of nowhere and you just feel it cracked for nothing. Once you have any little suspicion about incorrect installation, you must contact a technician immediately. 

5. Accidents 

No matter how small, check your windshield. No matter how little the impact is, check your windshield. This is very important because even the smallest of accidents can have a high impact on your windshield and this causes a crack.